More and more vehicle recoveries

Friday 4 August 2023
The number of IM vehicle recoveries continues to grow. IM recovery operators carried out 39,472 recoveries in the second quarter of 2023. That was 15% more than in the same quarter of last year. It was also 13% above the record that was set in the third quarter of 2022. The number of breakdown recoveries climbed by 17% to 32,587. But the number of accidents was also on the up: from 5,823 in 2022 to 6,263 in 2023 (plus 8%). This meant that the figure was close to the record that was set in 2019. The heavy workload had little impact on response times. They remained at a national average of 12:00 minutes, the same level as in previous quarters.

Ton Kooijman of Kooijman Berging

Ton Kooijman of Kooijman Berging

In the second quarter, Kooijman Berging in Vianen was transferred to Logicx Berging, an IM recovery operator with activities in Utrecht, Noord-Brabant and Limburg. Kooijman's IM recovery activities were concentrated in the Rivierenland region, the area including Gorinchem, Vianen and Geldermalsen. The company was a subsidiary of Kooijman Autogroep. Following the sale, this business will devote itself to its activities as a dealership for car makes Toyota and Kia.

Quickest recovery operators, 2023-Q2

Rank Previous Recovery operator ART (average) Incident reports

The quickest recovery company in the second quarter was Collewijn & Zn in Nuis (Groningen). This company carried out 116 recovery operations in total, achieving an average response time of 05:59 minutes. Performance at this level meant that Collewijn left the competition almost one minute behind. As far as the larger-scale recovery companies were concerned, Takel-, Berging- en Transportbedrijf A. Barendregt was quickest. This company recorded an average response time of 06:51 minutes, more than a minute quicker than the other rapid recovery operators in the country.

IM recovery operators with average response times below 8 minutes

Recovery operator Districts Area (km) Recovery operations
BarendregtZH166, ZH167, ZH168, ZH173, ZH175151,82.476
Totaal landelijk8.730,039.774
Aandeel rayons met ART onder 8 minuten3,9%10,8%

In less busy parts of the country, too, good response times were achieved in the second quarter. Schoenmaker en Zn in Avenhorn succeeded in getting to all reported incident sites in under twenty minutes, despite covering an area of 78 km of primary roads. Just five other companies were able to match this performance. They included 't Hart van de Krimpenerwaard in Lekkerkerk and Bergingsbedrijf Twente in Weerselo. 't Hart van de Krimpenerwaard had the good fortune that all of its 23 IM recovery operations, in district ZH170, were each reported during the day. Autoberging Twente had less luck. This IM recovery company was called out three times in the middle of the night, to district O85 (Oldenzaal). But even for those journeys, the company needed less than twenty minutes to respond.

IM recovery operators with 100% performance

Recovery operator Districts Area (km) Recovery operations
HeiltjesGL268, NB33047,2111
BarendregtZH166, ZH17521,3401
Totaal landelijk8.730,039.774
Aandeel 100%2,2%2,1%

The tables list only districts for which a complete quarterly report has been published for the quarter just ended. These are districts in which twenty or more recovery operations were carried out and districts for which the quarter just ended was the last in a series of quarters in which the minimum of twenty recovery operations required for drawing up a report was exceeded. Average response times are reported after correction for delays as a result of congestion. In determining the kilometres of road in each district, the two carriageways of roads with divided carriageways are counted as separate roads. No rights may be derived from the information on the tables. In de tabel met snelste bergers 2023-Q2 zijn alleen bedrijven opgenomen die in het tweede kwartaal van 2023 meer dan 100 bergingsopdrachten hebben uitgevoerd. The table with the fastest recovery companies 2023-Q2 only includes companies that have carried out more than 100 recovery operations in the second quarter of 2023.

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