Contracts for remaining districts in 2023 - 2026 tender procedure awarded

Wednesday 21 June 2023 (update 7 september 2023)
Earlier this month award decisions were taken in the districts in which the 2023 - 2026 tender procedure had been deferred. District U223 is the only one in which a vehicle recovery agreement has not yet been formed. The relevant parties involved in the tender procedure were notified of the decisions on 7 June. An overview of the results appears in the table below. Other bidders in the districts in question have until 28 June to appeal against the results of the procedure. If they do not do so, the decisions will become definitive from that point.

Marcel Gerritse of M.C. Gerritse Bedrijfswagens, IM recovery operator in contract period 2023-2026

Marcel Gerritse of M.C. Gerritse Bedrijfswagens, IM recovery operator in contract period 2023-2026

The award decisions in 115 districts that were taken on 14 April have, in any event, not led to any appeals from other bidders. That means that these decisions became definitive on 5 May.

Awards in districts where decisions had been deferred

District Company
GL249Van Eijck Mobility
GL250Van Eijck Mobility
GL251Van Eijck Mobility
GL252Van Eijck Mobility
GL255Van Eijck Mobility
GL256Van Eijck Mobility
GL258Kooijman Mobiliteit
GL259Kooijman Mobiliteit
GL261Van Eijck Mobility
GL262M.C. Gerritse Bedrijfswagens
GL263Van Eijck Mobility
GL264Van Eijck Mobility
GL265Van Eijck Mobility
GL266Van Eijck Mobility
GL267Van Eijck Mobility
GL270Van Eijck Mobility
NB296Combinatie Van Eijck - Van Egeraat
NB297Combinatie Van Eijck - Van Egeraat
NB299Combinatie Van Eijck - Van Egeraat
NB300Combinatie Van Eijck - Van Egeraat
NB302Combinatie Van Eijck - Van Egeraat
NB303Combinatie Van Eijck - Van Egeraat
NB304Combinatie Van Eijck - Van Egeraat
NB305Combinatie Van Eijck - Van Egeraat
NB306Combinatie Van Eijck - Van Egeraat
NB307Van Eijck Mobility
NB309Van Eijck Mobility
NB311Combinatie Van Eijck - Van Egeraat
NB312Van Eijck Mobility
NB314Van Eijck Mobility
NB316Van Eijck Mobility
NB318Van Eijck Mobility
NB321Van Eijck Mobility
NB323Van Eijck Mobility
NB325Van Eijck Mobility
NB326Van Eijck Mobility
NB327Van Eijck Mobility
NB328Van Eijck Mobility
NB329Van Eijck Mobility
NB331Van Eijck Mobility
NB333Van Eijck Mobility
NB334Van Eijck Mobility
NB335Van Eijck Mobility
NB336Van Eijck Mobility
NB337Van Eijck Mobility
NB338Van Eijck Mobility
NB339Combinatie Van Eijck - Van Egeraat
U217Logicx Berging
U220Kooijman Mobiliteit
U221Logicx Berging
U222Logicx Berging
U224Van Eijck Mobility
U226Van Eijck Mobility
U227Kooijman Mobiliteit
ZH178Kooijman Mobiliteit
ZH179Kooijman Mobiliteit

In 44 districts, the second round of the 2023 - 2026 tender procedure was unsuccessful. This is because Stichting IMN did not receive any valid bids in the districts in question. The flow of traffic and road safety on the primary road network mean that there has to be a nationwide network of IM recovery operators. This must be achieved as soon as possible: the contracts that are still in force have already been extended once and they expire on 30 September. For that reason, Stichting IMN opted to switch to a so-called 'negotiated procedure without publication of a notice' in the districts concerned, under the terms of article 2.32(1c) of the Dutch Tender Act (Aanbestedingswet) 2012. This procedure has resulted in selection of a qualified IM recovery operator in all districts concerned. An overview of the results of this procedure can be found in the second table.

Award decisions via the negotiated procedure

District Compay
D50Autohulpdienst Hazenberg
D54Hooikammer Berging
D55De Jonge Internationale Berging en Transport
F03BCF Mobiliteit
F04BCF Mobiliteit
F05Automobielbedrijf P.H. Boersma
F06C.L. International
F09BCF Mobiliteit
F10Automobielbedrijf P.H. Boersma
F11Automobielbedrijf P.H. Boersma
F12Collewijn & Zn.
F14BCF Mobiliteit
F16BCF Mobiliteit
F17BCF Mobiliteit
F19BCF Mobiliteit
F20BCF Mobiliteit
F21Hooikammer Berging
F22BCF Mobiliteit
G30Takel- en Bergingsbedrijf Poort
G32Takel- en Bergingsbedrijf Poort
G33Autoberging Dallinga
G34Autoberging Dallinga
G37Garagebedrijf H. Fruitema
G38Garagebedrijf H. Fruitema
G39Willem Keizer
GL248Iliohan Borculo
GL254Iliohan Borculo
NH115Haulo Berging
NH124Van der Eng
NH137Bergingscentrale H. van der Vliet
NH141BergingsCombinatie Utrecht
NH150Bergingscentrale H. van der Vliet
O72Hooikammer Berging
O84Vorgers Autoberging
O85Autoberging Twente
O86Autoberging Twente
O87Vorgers Autoberging
O88Vorgers Autoberging
O89Autoberging Twente
U208BergingsCombinatie Utrecht
U213BergingsCombinatie Utrecht
Z288VaRaMo Breskens
ZH155BergingsCombinatie Utrecht
ZH158BergingsCombinatie Utrecht
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