Barendregt slows down

Friday, 5 May 2023
Ary Barendregt is going to take it easy. The founder and managing director of Takel- Berging- en Transportbedrijf A. Barendregt in Rhoon, the speediest IM recovery operator in the Netherlands, handed over the reins of his company to Patrick Scholten and Jaap-Jan Barendregt on 5 April of this year. Both have been active in the company for years. Barendregt initially worked for the dredging division of Volker Stevin in the Persian Gulf. In 1993, he came to the vehicle recovery sector.

Patrick Scholten (L) and Jaap-Jan Barendregt, the new managing directors of Takel-, Berging- en Transportbedrijf A. Barendregt

Patrick Scholten (L) and Jaap-Jan Barendregt, the new managing directors of Takel-, Berging- en Transportbedrijf A. Barendregt

Ary Barendregt's departure came after a quarter in which the company, as in many previous quarters, recorded the lowest average response time of all IM recovery operators in the country. It was a busy quarter, in which IM recovery operators jointly managed to carry out 33,505 vehicle recoveries. The average response time for all these callouts was 11:50 minutes. That was quicker than in the two previous quarters.

Quickest recovery operators, 2023-Q1

Rank Previous Recovery operator ART (average) Recoveries

There were also other recovery companies who were a cut above the rest in the first quarter. Of course, they were the ones who followed Barendregt on the list of quickest recovery operators. But of particular note otherwise was the performance of Collewijn & Zn. in Nuis and Garagebedrijf H. Fruitema in Oude Pekela. Both Groningen recovery operators achieved an average response time of less than eight minutes in relatively quiet districts. In operations areas with relatively few callouts that is often more difficult than in busy districts, as the time at which they have to leap into action is impossible to predict.

IM recovery operators with average response times below 8 minutes

Recovery operator Districts Area (km) Recovery operations
BarendregtZH166, ZH167, ZH168, ZH173, ZH175151,82.038
National total8.730,033.505
Proportion of districts with average response time < 8 mins4,2%12,1%

The list of companies with a response time for all callouts within the standard response time of twenty minutes during the day and 25 minutes at night was led in the first quarter by De Driesprong in Leunen (L). The benchmark for the ranking in that list is the area covered by the operator. De Driesprong is responsible for over 56 km of IM roads in North Limburg. It dealt with 60 vehicle recoveries on those roads, each with a response time within the standard parameters.

IM recovery operators with 100% performance

Recovery operator Districts Area (km) Recovery operations
BarendregtZH168, ZH17549,6668
National total8.730,033.505
Share 100%2,8%2,9%

The tables list only districts for which a complete quarterly report has been published for the quarter just ended. These are districts in which twenty or more recovery operations were carried out and districts for which the quarter just ended was the last in a series of quarters in which the minimum of twenty recovery operations required for drawing up a report was exceeded. Average response times are reported after correction for delays as a result of congestion. In determining the kilometres of road in each district, the two carriageways of roads with divided carriageways are counted as separate roads. No rights may be derived from the information on the tables.

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