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Friday, 7 May 2021 (update 4 August 2021)
In the first quarter of 2021, IM recovery operators again performed beyond the call of duty. 25,690 vehicle recoveries were carried out in total. In spite of the curfew and other restrictions on movement, this represented an increase of 9% on the previous quarter and 2% on the first quarter of 2020. The average response time for all these callouts was 11:18 minutes. This was eleven seconds slower than the record set in the previous quarter. When delays caused by traffic jams are taken into account, the national average for response times was precisely ten minutes.

Kees Boersma at work on the N356, on 3 May 2021

Kees Boersma at work on the N356, on 3 May 2021

As usual, the fastest recovery operator in the country was Takel-, Berging- en Transportbedrijf A. Barendregt of Rhoon. In the southern part of Zuid-Holland, this company made 2,299 recoveries, with an average response time of 6:12 minutes. Not far behind Barendregt was Automobielbedrijf Boersma of Wouterswoude. Boersma was called out 26 times to the N356 (the 'Central Axis' of the Frisian road network) at Dokkum, achieving a response time of 6:26 minutes for these recoveries. Vreugdenhil Berging of Rijswijk continued its march up the rankings, settling in fifth position, with an average response time of 7:07 minutes for its 1,400 recoveries.

Quickest recovery operators, 2021-Q1

Recovery operator Incident reports ART (average)
Takel-, Berging- en Transportbedrijf A. Barendregt2.29906:12
Automobielbedrijf Boersma2606:26
Vreugdenhil Berging93207:05
Collewijn & Zn.8707:06
Jan van de Graaf Jr.1.27607:24
BRL Leiden39607:27

The results in districts in which new partners had entered into contracts since 1 October last year were particularly striking. For instance, Auto- en Bergingsbedrijf Besems, working in two areas on the east side of Tilburg (NB314 and NB316) made 91 recoveries and achieved an average response time of 9:21 minutes. Haulo Berging, with a contract for three new regions in the Alkmaar area (NH116, NH117 and NH122) was even quicker, averaging 8:45 minutes. Haulo had to respond in those areas on 241 occasions.

IM recovery operators with 100% performance

Recovery operator Districts Area (km) Recovery operations
BergingsdienstNB319, NB32098,7333
SprankenisNB336, NB33779,0107
BarendregtZH167, ZH168, ZH17568,8892
RoosZH161, ZH163a61,1622
HeiltjesGL268, NB33047,265
Totaal landelijk8.730,026.019
Aandeel 100%5,5%8,6%

As in the fourth quarter of last year, in Liempde (Noord-Brabant) managed a response time of under twenty minutes for each of the 333 recoveries the company was asked to carry out. This level of performance was not matched by any other recovery operator attending more than 100 callouts. However, Roos-Autoberging in Schiedam did come close. Of the 681 recoveries performed by this company in each of the three areas in which it operates, they took longer than twenty minutes to arrive on scene just twice.

IM recovery operators with average response times below 8 minutes

Recovery operator Districts Area (km) Recovery operations
BarendregtZH166, ZH167, ZH168, ZH173, ZH175, ZH177, ZH180241,52081
SmitsNH129, NH135155,6891
VreugdenhilZH154, ZH156112,91124
RoosZH161, ZH163a61,1622
EijckGL251, GL255, GL26552,6154
BRLZH153, ZH15738,9264
Totaal landelijk8.730,026.019
Aandeel rayons met ART onder 8 minuten11,3%26,2%

The tables list only districts for which a complete quarterly report has been published for the quarter just ended. These are districts in which twenty or more recovery operations were carried out and districts for which the quarter just ended was the last in a series of quarters in which the minimum of twenty recovery operations required for drawing up a report was exceeded. Average response times are reported after correction for delays as a result of congestion. In determining the kilometres of road in each district, the two carriageways of roads with divided carriageways are counted as separate roads. No rights may be derived from the information on the tables.

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