Marck Pleijsier new IM coordinator for Stichting IMN

Friday 7 February 2020
Marck Pleijsier will be taking up the post of IM coordinator of Stichting IMN on 17 February. This means he will be 'taking the baton' from Jenny Nyklicek who this month, after 18 months with Stichting IMN, will be emigrating with her husband, parents and children to the Czech Republic. As IM coordinator, Marck Pleijsier will be responsible for the day-to-day contacts with road managers, recovery companies and the police. He will also deal with the settlement of complaints and support the secretariat of Stichting IMN.

Marck Pleijsier

Marck Pleijsier (foto: Lotje Fotografeert)

Marck Pleijsier was trained to be a mechanic. He began his career in 1984 at Stipdonk Motorrevisie in Rijnsburg. Then he moved into exporting flowers to Germany, tinkering with Mercedes vehicles in Aalsmeer, was a recovery operator at Van den Ameele in Oegstgeest and had his own import operation for cars and motorbikes from the United States. In 1999, he went to work for the Eurocross Assistance emergency response centre. At that time, Eurocross was one of the emergency response centres that was working towards the creation of Stichting IMN. Pleijsier became closely involved in this as a member of the Patrollers' Advisory Committee. Up until 2015, this body played an important role in how the day-to-day work and the tender procedures of Stichting IMN were structured.


Czech Republic, Jenny Nyklicek's new living and working environment

In 2012 Marck Pleijsier became IM coordinator of the central goods-vehicle reporting point, the Centraal Meldpunt Vrachtauto's (CMV). The CMV is the control centre for the Stichting Incident Management Vrachtautos (STIMVA), the body responsible for dealing with incidents involving goods vehicles on IM roads. In this role, he worked closely with the IM coordinators of Stichting IMN: Jenny Nyklicek and her predecessors Annelies Bogaards and Sarah el Miligi. Marck Pleijsier will continue to perform his activities for the CMV, which means that the positions of IM coordinator of both Stichting IMN and CMV will, for the first time (from this February), be represented by one and the same person.

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