Rijkswaterstaat keeps things cool

Thursday 25 August 2016
Due to the hot weather, since yesterday, Rijkswaterstaat has ordered all broken-down vehicles to be removed from motorways. It was announced on Tuesday evening that for the duration of the heat wave, a hot weather protocol would be implemented. Broken-down vehicles must be immediately removed from the roadside. Road inspectors hand out water to stranded vehicle owners, and keep themselves cool by wearing a cooldown vest. None of these measures have previously been implemented. Measures apply between 10.00 and 19.00 hours, until further notice.

Weginspecteur Wim in cooldown vest

Road inspector Wim wearing a cooldown vest

The announcement of the hot weather protocol led to a doubling in the number of breakdown assists. Yesterday, in the specified time window, the LCM despatched a recovery company on 204 occasions, to move a broken-down vehicle to a safe location. On the previous two Wednesdays, the number of recoveries reached only 99. The sudden heat wave itself also led to a rise in the number of accidents. Yesterday, during the course of the day, the LCM received 75 accident reports, 38% more than the average on Wednesdays over the past two weeks.

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