Biesebos Berging changes hands after 28 years

Monday 20 April 2015
Biesebos Berging from Ittervoort was taken over on 1 April 2015 by Wolves Berging from Wierden. Biesebos Berging was founded in 1971 as a service station, under the name Autoservice Wim van de Biesebos, in Beesd, in Gelderland. The relocation to Ittervoort in Central Limburg took place in 1979, and in 1987 Wim van de Biesebos purchased his first tow truck.

The company failed to acquire a position in the national market structure, agreed during that period between recovery companies and insurers. This fact made director Wim van de Biesebos a leading objector to the way the market was operated. His efforts to join that market were rewarded in 1999 when he was awarded all the work for insurers in the area in which his business was based.

Over the years, Biesebos Berging established a reputation for speed of response and dedication. Anyone whose vehicle was towed away around mealtimes, if at all possible, was invited to join the family at the table. On numerous occasions, Wim van de Biesebos even loaned stranded car owners his own car as replacement vehicle.

Wim van de Biesebos passed away in November 2003, but the business was continued by his son Istvan. Earlier this month, Istvan reached agreement with Wolves Berging for the transfer of ownership. Istvan van de Biesebos has joined the payroll at Wolves, and is set to continue recovery activities in the Ittervoort area. He will also continue to run his own garage and petrol station.

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