World's best recovery network

Friday 9 May 2014 (update 22-7-2014)
Recovery companies operating on the Dutch trunk road system were really put through their paces during the first quarter of 2014. The 95 recovery companies contracted to Stichting Incident Management Nederland completed 11,929 recovery operations during the first three months of this year, achieving an average arrival time of 13:43 minutes. Taking account of delays as a consequence of traffic congestion, the response time was in fact 12:04 minutes. After studying the figures, one American traffic expert commented that the Netherlands has 'probably the best car recovery operation in the world'.

Beste bergingsnetwerk ter wereld

Michel van den Broek from Delta Berging

One of the companies that made an important contribution to this performance was Delta Berging from Ermelo. In districts GL239 and GL241, this company has succeeded over the past year in completing all callouts received within the standard time of twenty minutes during daytime hours and twenty-five minutes at night. The table below shows the other districts in which above-standard performance was achieved over the past quarter.

F06C.L. int. berging, transport en chauffeursverhuurperfecte prestatie
F12Autoschade Van Kammenperfecte prestatie
F16Tolman Takel en Berging
F20M. Hof en Zn
G35Collewijn & Zn.
FL104Delta Berging & Transport
GL236Kraanbedrijf W. Stouwdamperfecte prestatie
GL237Wolves Autoberging
GL238Kraanbedrijf W. Stouwdamperfecte prestatie
GL239Delta Berging & Transportperfecte prestatie
GL241Delta Berging & Transportperfecte prestatie
GL243Smink Transport
GL249Van Amerongen Berging
L353De Driesprongperfecte prestatie
L359Takelservice Duytsperfecte prestatie
L361Takelservice Duytsperfecte prestatie
L363Biesebos Berging
L364Van Dongen Berging
L367Van Dongen Berging
NB297Autoberging Kerstens
NB304Van Eijck International Car Rescue
NB314Autobedrijf J. Paijmansperfecte prestatie
NB319Bergingsdienst.nlperfecte prestatie
NB330Autohulpdienst Ben Heiltjes
NB332Autohulpdienst Ben Heiltjesperfecte prestatie
NB334Autobedrijf van Lieropperfecte prestatie
NB337Autosleepbedrijf Sprankenisperfecte prestatie
NB339Berging en Transport Henk van Gelovenperfecte prestatie
NH114Haulo Berging
NH116Haulo Bergingperfecte prestatie
NH117Haulo Bergingperfecte prestatie
NH118Theo Rood Berging- en Transport
NH123Automobielbedrijf Schoenmaker en Zonenperfecte prestatie
NH125Smits Kraan- en Sleepbedrijf
NH126Hoogwout Berging
NH127Garage Transportbedrijf C.A. Jonk
NH141Van Rijn & Coperfecte prestatie
U207Bergnetperfecte prestatie
U211Automobielbedrijf "De Zwaan"perfecte prestatie
Z285Auto Kuzeeperfecte prestatie
Z287Van Hoekperfecte prestatie
ZH163Jan van de Graaf jr.
ZH166Takel-, Berging- en Transportbedrijf A. Barendregtperfecte prestatie
ZH167Takel-, Berging- en Transportbedrijf A. Barendregtperfecte prestatie
ZH168Takel-, Berging- en Transportbedrijf A. Barendregt
ZH169Jan van de Graaf jr.
ZH173Takel-, Berging- en Transportbedrijf A. Barendregt
ZH175Takel-, Berging- en Transportbedrijf A. Barendregtperfecte prestatie
ZH179Automobielbedrijf Kooijman Vianen
ZH180Takel-, Berging- en Transportbedrijf A. Barendregt

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