Standby-recovery companies six minutes faster

Thursday 17 November 2011
standby car recovery companies During the third quarter of 2011, standby-recovery companies achieved a time gain of almost six minutes as compared to the performance achieved by IM recovery companies in 2010. Since 10 July of this year, eight vehicle recovery vehicles have been positioned on standby during the morning and evening rush hours, at strategic roadside locations. In the period up to 1 October 2011, these standby-recovery vehicles received 813 reports, 4.5% of the total number of callouts on IM roads. For 545 of these callouts, using the Incident Management Arrival Time System (AIM) operated by Stichting Incident Management Nederland, an arrival time could be calculated. The average arrival time for these callouts was 7:32 minutes, 5:38 minutes faster than the average arrival time achieved by the IM recovery companies in 2010 for reports in the eight standby road sections during rush hours.

The greatest time gain was achieved in standby section S05 at the Valburg intersection. On this road section, Van Amerongen Berging was on average 9:03 minutes faster than the IM recovery company during the same period in 2010. The fastest standby-recovery service was operated by Smink Transport in standby section S07 at the Hoevelaken intersection. For 41 registered reports, Smink achieved an average arrival time of 5:46 minutes.

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