More than 67,000 IM reports in 2010

Tuesday 1 February 2011 (update 11 May 2011)
In 2010, recovery companies responded on 67,326 occasions to clear motorways and other trunk roads of stranded vehicles. This represents a rise of 18% as compared to 2009. In that year, the Incident Management Coordination Centre (LCM) of Stichting Incident Management Nederland issued 57,251 recovery orders. The total for 2010 equates to an average of 185 so-called IM reports per day.

Stichting Incident Management Nederland is responsible for dealing with incidents involving passenger vehicles on 2,415 kilometres of motorway and 1,992 kilometres of other major trunk roads. The number of accidents on these so-called IM roads rose in 2010 by just a few percent. The growth in the number of reports was mainly due to an increase in the number of breakdowns, dealt with as incidents. This number rose by 37% from 19,637 in 2009 to 26,893 in 2010. The rise in the number of reports was also to a limited extent due to the introduction of incident management on the majority of roads in the Province of Limburg.

The overview IM reports in 2010 shows the breakdown of reports according to the various operating areas into which the main trunk road network is divided. In more than 80% of those areas, the number of orders in 2010 was higher than the number of IM reports in 2009. In 38 of the 197 districts, numbers in fact rose by more than 50%. The busiest month of the year was December, with a record total of 7,611 reports, an average of 246 reports a day.

meldingen per rayon

The map above is a graphic representation of the reports, across the country. As probably expected, the Randstad is well represented on this map. Outside that area, the only source of recognisably large numbers of IM reports is the A50 motorway.

Unlike in previous years, the figures for 2010 do not include the cancelled reports. In 2010, 1,259 reports did not lead to a recovery order. Stichting Incident Management Nederland will be publishing figures for the incidents dealt with by IM recovery companies in 2010, over the next few weeks.

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