New IM roads in Noord-Brabant from 1 April 2009

Monday 2 February 2009
The Province of Noord-Brabant will be substantially increasing the provincial road network subject to incident management, on 1 April 2009. The new road sections subject to incident management have been placed by Stichting Incident Management Nederland in districts, according to the table below11. On provincial roads in Noord-Brabant for which incident management was introduced in the past, the existing district layout will remain in force.

In practical terms, this means that recovery work on the specified road sections will from 1 April 2009 onwards be allocated to the recovery companies contracted by Stichting Incident Management Nederland. This expansion of the IM network will be processed in the document showing the national district layout as regularly updated by Stichting Incident Management Nederland. The updated version, valid from 1 April 2009, can be downloaded here.

Province of Noord-Brabant

N2602,06,6NB307Bergingsbedrijf P. Gijsbers
N2607,122,5NB307Bergingsbedrijf P. Gijsbers
N2617,714,2NB309Bergingsbedrijf P. Gijsbers
N26114,215,9NB311Bergingsbedrijf P. Gijsbers
N26115,918,1NB312Bergingsbedrijf P. Gijsbers
N2621,06,4NB299Logicx Roosendaal
N2632,05,1NB300Holding van Geloven
N2638,512,8NB300Holding van Geloven
N26314,216,5NB300Holding van Geloven
N26316,518,2NB306Accident Control Breda
N26424,741,5NB331Bergings- en Transportbedrijf Poels
N26441,547,5NB330Houterman Autosleepdienst
N26447,552,0NB332De Driesprong
N2671,06,2NB312Bergingsbedrijf P. Gijsbers
N2676,215,5NB305Accident Control Raamsdonksveer
N2681,04,9NB296Autobedrijf Faasen
N2684,910,9NB297Logicx Roosendaal
N2699,723,6NB310Bergingsbedrijf P. Gijsbers
N2705,45,8NB328Logicx Eindhoven
N2705,811,0NB335Autosleepbedrijf Sprankenis
N27213,023,9NB332De Driesprong
N27796,3105,4NB324Autohulpdienst Ben Heiltjes
N277105,4116,3NB331Bergings- en Transportbedrijf Poels
N277116,3120,7NB332De Driesprong
N27950,053,7NB327Autobedrijf Gebr. Van Lierop
N27965,673,4NB318Accident Control Vlijmen
N2823,05,8NB303Accident Control Raamsdonksveer
N2825,812,1NB307Bergingsbedrijf P. Gijsbers
N2852,718,6NB302Autoberging Kerstens
N28518,623,0NB306Accident Control Breda
N2866,19,9NB296Autobedrijf Faasen
N2899,420,0Z287Van Hoek
N3212,03,5NB324Autohulpdienst Ben Heiltjes
N3213,511,1NB330Houterman Autosleepdienst
N3225,315,0NB305Accident Control Raamsdonksveer
N32410,324,1NB324Autohulpdienst Ben Heiltjes
N3291,43,8NB323Houterman Autosleepdienst
N3891,04,9NB300Holding van Geloven
N3894,97,0NB302Autoberging Kerstens
N3942,97,4NB300Holding van Geloven
N3951,11,3NB310Bergingsbedrijf P. Gijsbers
N3951,36,4NB316Bergingsbedrijf P. Gijsbers
N6051,54,2NB333Autobedrijf Gebr. Van Lierop
N6056,68,5NB333Autobedrijf Gebr. Van Lierop
N6058,59,7NB331Bergings- en Transportbedrijf Poels
N6291,14,9NB303Accident Control Raamsdonksveer
N6311,02,5NB307Bergingsbedrijf P. Gijsbers
N6312,56,9NB303Accident Control Raamsdonksveer
N6321,04,1NB309Bergingsbedrijf P. Gijsbers
N6391,016,0NB307Bergingsbedrijf P. Gijsbers
N6401,04,5NB297Logicx Roosendaal
N6404,58,1NB300Holding van Geloven
N6411,04,7NB297Logicx Roosendaal

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