Michel de Korte new IM coordinator at Stichting Incident Management Nederland

Friday 7 November 2008
As from 1 July 2009, Michel de Korte will take on the position of IM coordinator at Stichting Incident Management Nederland. He will be given an important role in maintaining contacts between Stichting Incident Management Nederland and road managers, police forces, the ANWB car owners club and other collaboration partners. Mr De Korte is currently employed at the ANWB, where from 1 December next he intends to make use of the early retirement scheme. During the first half of 2009, he will be available for Stichting Incident Management Nederland for making the essential preparations.

Mr De Korte has enjoyed an almost 40-year career at the ANWB. In his penultimate position, he was manager of the Assen District of the Wegenwacht roadside assistance organisation. He then became advisor to the central management in respect of incident management amongst other things. De Korte, as representative of the ANWB, has regularly participated in IM consultation meetings with police, road managers and Stichting Incident Management Nederland. For years, he has been the contact person for Stichting Incident Management Nederland within the ANWB. Before the ANWB left the board of Stichting Incident Management Nederland, Mr De Korte was a member of the Advisory Committee of Stichting Incident Management Nederland.

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