New IM roads in Provinces of Utrecht, Overijssel, Gelderland and Municipality of The Hague, as from 1 October 2008

Thursday 11 September 2008
On 1 October 2008, the Province of Utrecht is to introduce incident management on a number of important transit routes. At the same time, the Province of Overijssel and, on a smaller scale, the Province of Gelderland and the Municipality of The Hague will undertake to expand the network subject to incident management regulations. The road sections in question have been allocated to districts, by Stichting Incident Management Nederland, according to the table below1.

In practical terms, this step means that recovery work on the road sections in question will from 1 October 2008 be allocated to the recovery companies contracted by Stichting Incident Management Nederland. This expansion of the IM network is processed in the document updated by Stichting Incident Management Nederland, showing the national district layout. The updated version, that will be effective as from 1 October 2008, can be here.

Province of Utrecht

N1990,37,4U206Collewijn & Zonen
N21031,048,0U227Terberg Autoschadeservice
N21048,050,0U220Collewijn & Zonen
N22649,157,4U214Collewijn & Zonen
N22657,463,6U224Hoogenraad Transport
N2270,16,1U214Collewijn & Zonen
N2276,19,3U224Hoogenraad Transport
N2279,310,2U223Hoogenraad Transport
N22712,013,1U223Hoogenraad Transport
N22713,115,9U224Hoogenraad Transport
N2295,813,6U223Hoogenraad Transport
N22913,618,1U224Hoogenraad Transport
N2300,15,7U211 2Automobielbedrijf De Zwaan
N2331,910,3U224Hoogenraad Transport
N23310,311,8U224Hoogenraad Transport
N2340,17,5U212Collewijn & Zonen
N23773,082,7U212Collewijn & Zonen
N23782,7 88,0U213Smink Hoevelaken
N2380,16,5U212Collewijn & Zonen
N4080,22,9U217Bergingsbedrijf Modern
N40910,011,7U217Bergingsbedrijf Modern
N40911,712,6U221Collewijn & Zonen
N4120,11,3U212Collewijn & Zonen

Provincie Overijssel


Streetname from / to District Company
N3373,6 / 6,2O77Wolves
N3376,2 / 24,5O73Leerentveld
N33724,5 / 28,4O73Leerentveld
AmstellaanDeltalaan / SnipperlingsdijkGL242Wielsma
Mr. BoerlaanHandelskade / KazernestraatGL242Wielsma
Henri DunantlaanGL242Wielsma
Emmastraat GL242Wielsma
HanzewegSnipperlingsdijk / ZutphensewegGL242Wielsma
HolterwegZweedsestraat / SnipperlingsdijkGL242Wielsma
KazernestraatMr. H.F. de Boerlaan / EmmapleinGL242Wielsma
Van OldenielstraatGL242Wielsma
SiemelinksdwarswegSiemelinksweg / ZweedsestraatGL242Wielsma
ZutphensewegHanzeweg / DeventerwegGL242Wielsma
ZweedsestraatSiemelinksdwarsweg / HolterwegGL242Wielsma
ZwolsewegN337 / Roland HolstlaanGL242Wielsma


Streetname from / to District Company
WijhesewegIJsselallee / N337O73Leerentveld Zwolle

Provincie Gelderland

Streetname from / to District Company
N348 (Deventerweg)43,0 / 44,2GL242Wielsma

Gemeente Den Haag

Streetname from / to District Company
HubertustunnelZh252Logicx Leiden

1no rights may be derived from this overview
2There are no IM roads in district U211 yet

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