Recovery companies responsible for functioning of Momos

Monday 1 October 2007
Since 1 April 2007, the certified vehicles of all IM recovery companies have been equipped with GPS receivers (Momos). These Momos ensure that the arrival times achieved can be automatically registered for every recovery callout. Responsibility for the correct functioning of the Momos is a matter for the recovery company. Until now, Stichting Incident Management Nederland has also been involved in monitoring correct functioning, since faults were found in a number of the systems supplied. These problems have now been mainly solved, and Stichting Incident Management Nederland would point out that from 1 October 2007 onwards, the responsibility lies entirely with the recovery companies.

This means the following:

If a Momo remains out of operation over a longer period, without an acceptable explanation, as from 1 October next, Stichting Incident Management Nederland will be implementing article 5.3.5. of the Recovery agreement. This article stipulates that for recoveries for which no arrival time could be determined as a result of negligence on the part of the recovery company, an arrival time of 31 minutes will be registered.

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