Deployment of a replacement recovery operator

Friday 9 February 2007
The recovery agreement states that during their work for Stichting Incident Management Nederland, recovery companies are able to incidentally make use of the services of a fellow recovery company, in order to solve temporary capacity problems. If companies wish to make use of this possibility, it is essential that they duly notify Stichting Incident Management Nederland in advance. If they fail to do so, it is not possible to register the arrival times of the insourced colleague, which will have negative consequences for the registered performance.

We would therefore ask all contracted recovery companies wishing to incidentally call in the services of a colleague, to inform us by e-mail of the name of the company in question, before 1 April next. For the sake of good order, it should be stated that no more than one replacement company per district is permitted. This company must be certified according to the requirements of Stichting Incident Management Nederland. Responsibility for the work remains with the contract holder for the district in question. The fellow company may not carry out more than 5% of recovery operations in a district.

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