SIMN bid letter sent to recovery companies

Friday 30 June 2006
On 29 June last, Stichting Incident Management Nederland sent an invitation to all recovery companies known to the organisation to participate in the tender procedure for recovery work in the framework of recovery of passenger vehicles on IM roads for the period 1 April 2007 - 31 March 2010. The invitation was accompanied by an offer form on which bids could be issued.

If you have not received a letter from Stichting Incident Management Nederland, please inform us by e-mail of your address details and e-mail address.

You can download the bid letter and accompanying form sent by Stichting Incident Management Nederland here.

Update National District Layout

Over the past few months, a number of (mainly minor) changes have been made to the stock of IM roads. We therefore recommend, before you submit a bid, that you consult the latest version of the district layout. The latest version of the tender document "National District Layout 2007 - 2010" can be downloaded here.

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