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Response times rise sharply

Friday 15 November 2019 (update 16 January 2020)
Michel van Kempen van The response times of IM vehicle recovery companies were half a minute higher in the third quarter of 2019 than in the previous quarter. 30,076 recoveries were carried out, with an average response time of 12:46 minutes. If the times are corrected for delays resulting from traffic congestion, the average is 11:12 minutes. That too was over 30 seconds more than in the second quarter. The rise occurred all over the country and for almost all vehicle recovery companies. Of the larger companies, only Logicx, Hoogwout, Bergingsdienst and Aad Renses managed to improve their average.
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SOS out of the starting blocks in Beets (Noord-Holland)

Friday, 8 November 2019
SOS out of the starting blocks in Beets On 5 November 2019 the operations of Stichting IMN's National Central Reporting Point were transferred to CED Nederland, the parent company of SOS International. And with that, the curtain fell for Allianz Global Assistance that had been responsible for the LCM for nearly ten years.
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Recovery companies on trunk road network in 2016 - 2019

Stichting Incident Management Nederland is responsible for the recovery of passenger vehicles on the Dutch main trunk road network. For that purpose, Stichting Incident Management Nederland collaborates closely with 65 qualified recovery companies. Below is a list of our contract partners for the contract period 1 April 2016 through to 31 March 2019.
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As quick as possible unhindered passage following an incident

The objective of Incident Management is to ensure that as quickly as possible following an incident, the trunk roads are once again clear for unhindered passage of traffic. The Stichting Incident Management Nederland (Incident Management Netherlands Foundation) was established to support road managers in their efforts in the field of incident management.
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