Tuesday 2 January 2018 (update 15 January 2018)
On 23 December, the 100,000th IM recovery in 2017 was carried out by Vorgers Autoberging in Borne. The operation involved a breakdown removal at the Azelo motorway junction between Almelo and Hengelo. Vorgers received report IM17100000NLD at 15:56 hours. At precisely the same time in 2016, the number of recoveries carried out totalled 88,054.

Pieter en Bert van Kammen van Autoschade Van Kammen

Pieter and Bert van Kammen of Autoschade Van Kammen, IM recovery operators in Surhuisterveen until 1 January 2018

When the Stichting IMN was founded in 1998, it handled around 30,000 reports a year on the trunk road network. In that period, only accident reports were handled. The continuous growth achieved in the subsequent years has resulted from ever more intensive cooperation between road managers and IM recovery operators in keeping the Dutch trunk road network clear. Recovery operators are called out more and more often to remove broken-down vehicles from the road, so that breakdown assistance can be provided at a safe location.

Two IM recovery companies decided to end their recovery activities in the fourth quarter of 2017: Autoschade Van Kammen in Surhuisterveen and Autoberging Terneuzen. Van Kammen has been active as a recovery operator since 1971 but from next year onwards will be continuing as a car body repair business. The recovery activities of Van Kammen have been taken over by Collewijn & Zn. in Nuis (Drenthe).

Autoberging Terneuzen was established in 1982 by Auto- en Autoschadebedrijf Van Haperen in Koewacht. This company operates a garage business for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Van Haperen also carries out truck recovery operations and will be continuing with this activity. The recovery of passenger vehicles will be handed over to Vermaat Autoberging in Hellevoetsluis on 1 January 2018.

Autohulpdienst Broekmans in action in Maasbree on 3 December 2017

Autohulpdienst Broekmans in action in Maasbree on 3 December 2017

In the fourth quarter, Wolves Berging decided to withdraw from the province of Limburg. As a consequence, starting on 1 January 2018, three districts in the north of the province will be served by Autohulpdienst Broekmans based in Venlo. The IM districts served until now by Wolves in southern Limburg will be transferred to Van Dongen Berging in Landgraaf on 1 February 2018. The table below shows an overview of all changes in the national network of IM recovery operators:

Recovery operator changes since 1 October 2017

District From To Date Background
F12Van KammenCollewijn1-1-2018Takeover
L361WolvesBroekmans1-1-2018Voluntary Transfer
L362WolvesBroekmans1-1-2018Voluntary Transfer
L363WolvesBroekmans1-1-2018Voluntary Transfer
L364WolvesVan Dongen1-2-2018Voluntary Transfer
L366WolvesGrootveld1-2-2018Voluntary Transfer
L367WolvesGrootveld1-2-2018Voluntary Transfer
Z290Van HaperenVermaat1-1-2018Takeover
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