Ryan Florijn elected new chairman of Stichting IMN

Tuesday 4 October 2017
Ryan Florijn (44) was recently elected new chairman of Stichting IMN. He will succeed Lex Mentink who stepped down from the position last month. Just like his predecessor, Ryan Florijn is director of Eurocross Assistance, a position to which he was appointed on 6 September this year.

Ryan Florijn gekozen als nieuwe voorzitter Stichting IMN

Ryan Florijn at the Eurocross offices in Leiden

Florijn has worked for Achmea since the end of 1998. Between 2014 and 2017 he was financial director at Union, an Achmea subsidiary based in Slovakia. One of his projects in that country was the introduction of Onlia, the first digital car insurance product on the Slovakian market.

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