Hoogwout returns to main road network

Thursday 22 September 2016
This month, Hoogwout Berging from Oostzaan returned to the main road network around Zaandam, as an IM recovery operator. The IM district in question, NH126, had also been entrusted to Hoogwout during the contract period 2013 - 2016, when the company accumulated 12 honourable mentions. In other words, without a single interruption, in each quarter, the company performed well in excess of the contract standard.

Cees and Maarten Pels at Restaurant Pieterman

Cees and Maarten Pels at Restaurant Pieterman

Over the past few years, the operators behind Hoogwout Cees and Maarten Pels have invested in new activities: the company is working to develop a fully electric powered recovery vehicle, and the first model is due to be handed over later this year. The pair also acquired ownership of Restaurant Pieterman, a brasserie-bar in Volendam's yacht marina.

Initially, the NH126 district was awarded to Sleep- en Takeldienst Vrolijk in Amsterdam-Noord. In April of this year, however, this company was taken over by Smits Kraan- en Sleepbedrijf in Haarlem. Smits recently approached the IMN with the request to terminate the agreement for the NH126 district.

This will be the tenth transfer of an IM district since the start of the current contract period on 1 April 2016. Two further changes were made at the start of this week, in districts NB325 and part of district U223. In seven cases, the districts were transferred at the request of the contracted recovery operator, and on the remaining five occasions the change resulted from a company takeover. The table below provides an overview of the changes at recovery companies since 1 April.

Bergerwissels sinds 1 april 2016

District From To Date Note
NH124BoogaardEng5-7-2016Voluntary transfer
NH134VlietBergnet25-7-2016Voluntary transfer
ZH152VlietBollenstreek25-7-2016Voluntary transfer
NH126SmitsHoogwout12-9-2016Voluntary transfer
U208SmitsBCU12-9-2016Voluntary transfer
NB325LogicxEijck1-10-2016Voluntary transfer
U223 (part)AmerongenLogicx10-10-2016Voluntary transfer
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