Definitive contracts awarded in 187 districts

Wednesday 29 July 2015
The tender procedure for the recovery of passenger vehicles on trunk roads for the contract period 2016 - 2019 has been completed for most of the country. In 187 districts, there were no appeals against the initial awarding decisions and the definitive contracts for IM activities during the contract period have now been awarded in those districts. The participants in the tender procedure for those districts were informed of the decisions this week.

Logicx Berging and Bergingscentrale H. Van der Vliet were the biggest winners. Logicx was awarded the contracts for 13 districts, including almost the entire section of the A2 in North Brabant. These districts accounted for 8% of all vehicle recoveries on IM roads in 2014. Logicx's current share of that volume is 3%. Van der Vliet, which serves only one IM district at the moment, won the contracts in eight districts, including the stretch of the A4 between The Hague and Hoofddorp. The districts for which contracts have been awarded represent 5% of Stichting Incident Management Nederland's total work package. The Amsterdam-based company Bergnet has consolidated its position as the largest IM recovery company in the Netherlands.

Marco Huvers van Auto Huvers

Two of the companies that were awarded contracts are returning to the fold. Auto Huvers in Ridderkerk won the contract for IM work around the Vaanplein and Ridderkerk junctions. Its owner Marco Huvers (44) sold the company to Logicx in 2004. In 2013, he started a new recovery company, with partners Bergings Centrale Utrecht and recovery entrepreneur Max van Eijck. The second familiar face is H. Roos Autoberging in Capelle aan den IJssel. Roos will recover vehicles on the A20 around Nieuwerkerk, the same stretch of road where he last performed IM work in 2002.

Unfortunately, there were also losers in this tender procedure, including some companies that have been among the best IM recovery companies for years. Stichting Incident Management Nederland regrets that it will be unable to work with these companies in the coming years, but is confident that the parties replacing them will perform the work on the IM roads with the necessary professionalism and commitment. Stichting Incident Management Nederland will ensure that they do.

In the table below, all of the districts for which a definitive contract has been awarded are shown in green. Districts in which an appeal has been filed against the earlier initial awarding decision are shown in red, as are the districts for which no valid offers were made. The latter districts can be identified by the absence of a company name. No final decision has been made on the awarding of a contract in any of the districts shown in red.

Province of Drente

District Company
D51Hamstra Internationaal Bergingsbedrijf
D52Logicx Berging
D54Wolves Autoberging
D55De Jonge
D57Koolen Garage en Bergingsbedrijf
D58Koolen Garage en Bergingsbedrijf
D59Koolen Garage en Bergingsbedrijf

Province of Friesland

District Company
F03M. Hof en Zn, Tolman Takel en Berging, Bergingsbedrijf Betten
F04M. Hof en Zn, Tolman Takel en Berging, Bergingsbedrijf Betten
F05Auto Berging Friesland
F06Auto Berging Friesland
F09M. Hof en Zn, Tolman Takel en Berging, Bergingsbedrijf Betten
F10Auto Berging Friesland
F11Auto Berging Friesland
F12Auto Berging Friesland
F14M. Hof en Zn, Tolman Takel en Berging, Bergingsbedrijf Betten
F16Wolves Autoberging
F17M. Hof en Zn, Tolman Takel en Berging, Bergingsbedrijf Betten
F18Auto Berging Friesland
F19Wolves Autoberging
F20Wolves Autoberging
F21Wolves Autoberging
F22Wolves Autoberging

Province of Flevoland

District Company
FL100Delta Berging & Transport
FL101Delta Berging & Transport
FL103Bergnet Beheer
FL104Bergnet Beheer

Province of Groningen

District Company
G30Autoschade H.J. Faber
G32Takel- en Bergingsbedrijf Poort
G33Autobedrijf Dallinga
G34Autobedrijf Dallinga
G35Collewijn & Zn.
G37Garagebedrijf H. Fruitema
G38Garagebedrijf H. Fruitema
G39Bergingsbedrijf Willem Keizer

Province of Gelderland

District Company
GL235Kraanbedrijf W. Stouwdam
GL236Kraanbedrijf W. Stouwdam
GL237Kraanbedrijf W. Stouwdam
GL238Kraanbedrijf W. Stouwdam
GL239Delta Berging & Transport
GL241Delta Berging & Transport
GL242Wolves Autoberging
GL243Smink Transport
GL245Wolves Autoberging
GL246Wolves Autoberging
GL248ASG Autoschade Gelderland Lichtenvoorde
GL249Van Amerongen Berging
GL250Van Amerongen Berging
GL251Houterman Autosleepdienst
GL252Houterman Autosleepdienst
GL254ASG Autoschade Gelderland Lichtenvoorde
GL255Houterman Autosleepdienst
GL256ASG Autoschade Gelderland Lichtenvoorde
GL257ASG Autoschade Gelderland Lichtenvoorde
GL258Van Mourik Berging
GL259Van Mourik Berging
GL260Van Mourik Berging
GL261Van Mourik Berging
GL262M.C. Gerritse Bedrijfswagens
GL263Houterman Autosleepdienst
GL264Houterman Autosleepdienst
GL265Van Amerongen Berging
GL266Houterman Autosleepdienst
GL267Houterman Autosleepdienst
GL268Autohulpdienst Ben Heiltjes
GL270Logicx Berging

Province of Limburg

District Company
L351Autohulpdienst Ben Heiltjes
L351Autohulpdienst Ben Heiltjes
L352Wolves Autoberging
L353Wolves Autoberging
L355Autohulpdienst Broekmans
L357Wolves Autoberging
L358Wolves Autoberging
L359Autosleepbedrijf Sprankenis
L361Wolves Autoberging
L362Wolves Autoberging
L363Wolves Autoberging
L364Wolves Autoberging
L366Wolves Autoberging
L367Wolves Autoberging
L368Wolves Autoberging
L369Logicx Berging

Province of Noord Brabant

District Company
NB296Van Egeraat Berging en Transport
NB297Van Egeraat Berging en Transport
NB299Van Egeraat Berging en Transport
NB300Van Eijck Gilze en Rijen
NB302Autoberging Kerstens
NB303Van Eijck Gilze en Rijen
NB304Van Eijck Gilze en Rijen
NB305Van Egeraat Berging en Transport
NB306Van Eijck Gilze en Rijen
NB307Van Eijck Gilze en Rijen
NB309Gijsbers Bedrijven Tilburg
NB310Autobedrijf J. Paijmans
NB311Van Eijck Gilze en Rijen
NB312Van Eijck Gilze en Rijen
NB314Autobedrijf J. Paijmans
NB316Autobedrijf J. Paijmans
NB318Logicx Berging
NB319Logicx Berging
NB320Logicx Berging
NB321Autosleepbedrijf Sprankenis
NB323Van Eijck Gilze en Rijen
NB324Autohulpdienst Ben Heiltjes
NB325Logicx Berging
NB326Logicx Berging
NB327Autobedrijf Gebr. Van Lierop
NB328Logicx Berging
NB329Logicx Berging
NB330Autohulpdienst Ben Heiltjes
NB331Van Eijck Gilze en Rijen
NB332Autohulpdienst Ben Heiltjes
NB333Autobedrijf Gebr. Van Lierop
NB334Autobedrijf Gebr. Van Lierop
NB335Stienen Takel- en Bergingsbedrijf
NB336Autosleepbedrijf Sprankenis
NB337Autosleepbedrijf Sprankenis
NB338Autosleepbedrijf Sprankenis
NB339Van Egeraat Berging en Transport

Province of Noord Holland

District Company
NH113Haulo Berging
NH114Haulo Berging
NH115Bergingsbedrijf Kempeneers
NH116Aad Renses Automobielbedrijven Alkmaar
NH117Aad Renses Automobielbedrijven Alkmaar
NH118Theo Rood Berging- en Transport
NH121Theo Rood Berging- en Transport
NH122Garagebedrijf, Takel- en Bergdienst Van der Eng
NH123Automobielbedrijf Schoenmaker en Zonen
NH124Auto- en Bergingsbedrijf Van den Boogaard
NH125Sleep- en Takeldienst Vrolijk
NH126Sleep- en Takeldienst Vrolijk
NH127Hoogwout Berging
NH128Garage Transportbedrijf C.A. Jonk
NH129Sleep- en Takeldienst Vrolijk
NH130Bergnet Beheer
NH131Bergnet Beheer
NH132Bergnet Beheer
NH133Bergings Centrale Bollenstreek
NH134Bergingscentrale H. van der Vliet
NH135Bergnet Beheer
NH136Bergingscentrale H. van der Vliet
NH137Bergingscentrale H. van der Vliet
NH141BergingsCombinatie Utrecht
NH142Bergnet Beheer
NH143BergingsCombinatie Utrecht
NH150Bergingscentrale H. van der Vliet

Province of Overijssel

District Company
O72Hooikammer Autoberging
O73Wolves Autoberging
O76Wolves Autoberging
O77Wolves Autoberging
O81Wolves Autoberging
O82Wolves Autoberging
O83Wolves Autoberging
O84Vorgers Autoberging
O85Autoberging Twente
O86Autoberging Twente
O87Vorgers Autoberging
O88Vorgers Autoberging
O89Autoberging Twente

Province of Utrecht

District Company
U205Bergnet Beheer
U206Smink Transport
U207Bergnet Beheer
U208Smits Kraan- en Sleepbedrijf
U210BergingsCombinatie Utrecht
U211BergingsCombinatie Utrecht
U212BergingsCombinatie Utrecht
U213BergingsCombinatie Utrecht
U214Smink Transport
U216BergingsCombinatie Utrecht
U217Logicx Berging
U219BergingsCombinatie Utrecht
U220Logicx Berging
U221Logicx Berging
U223Hoogenraad Transport
U224Hoogenraad Transport
U226Hoogenraad Transport
U227Automobielbedrijf Kooijman Vianen
U228BergingsCombinatie Utrecht

Province of Zeeland

District Company
Z281Autobedrijf Istarland
Z283Auto Kuzee, De Moor Autoberging
Z285Auto Kuzee
Z286De Moor Autoberging
Z287Van Hoek
Z289Auto Berging Terneuzen
Z290Auto- en Autoschadebedrijf Van Haperen Koewacht

Province of Zuid Holland

District Company
ZH151Bergingscentrale H. van der Vliet
ZH151Bergingscentrale H. van der Vliet
ZH152Bergingscentrale H. van der Vliet
ZH153Bergingscentrale H. van der Vliet
ZH154Bergingscentrale H. van der Vliet
ZH155BergingsCombinatie Utrecht
ZH156Vreugdenhil Berging
ZH157Bergings Centrale Bollenstreek
ZH158BergingsCombinatie Utrecht
ZH161Takel- en Autobergingsbedrijf P.J. Quartel
ZH162Bergings Centrale Bollenstreek
ZH163Jan van de Graaf jr.
ZH163aTakel- en Autobergingsbedrijf P.J. Quartel
ZH164Takel- en Autobergingsbedrijf P.J. Quartel
ZH166Takel-, Berging- en Transportbedrijf A. Barendregt
ZH167Auto Huvers
ZH168Auto Huvers
ZH169H. Roos Autoberging
ZH170Loonbedrijf 't Hart van de Krimpenerwaard
ZH171Loonbedrijf 't Hart van de Krimpenerwaard
ZH172Takel en Berging Vermaat
ZH173Takel-, Berging- en Transportbedrijf A. Barendregt
ZH175Takel-, Berging- en Transportbedrijf A. Barendregt
ZH177Takel-, Berging- en Transportbedrijf A. Barendregt
ZH178Automobielbedrijf Kooijman Vianen
ZH179Automobielbedrijf Kooijman Vianen
ZH180Takel-, Berging- en Transportbedrijf A. Barendregt
ZH181Takel-, Berging- en Transportbedrijf A. Barendregt
ZH185Auto- en Bergingsbedrijf Visbeen
ZH186Vreugdenhil Berging
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