Obituary for Reitze Ketellapper

Monday 27 July 2015
Reitze Anne Ketellapper, the owner and director of Garage- en Bergingsbedrijf R.A. Ketellapper and a local councillor for the municipality of Leeuwarderadeel, died in the Leeuwarden Medical Centre at 3.30 a.m. on Monday 27 July 2015. He was 70 years of age. Reitze Ketellapper was born in Sint Annaparochie, on Friesland's Wadden coast, on 22 October 1944.

Reitze Ketellapper

Ketellapper started his garage in Cornjum, above Leeuwarden, in 1967. He bought a tow truck and joined the national market sharing system for vehicle recovery services, that was in place until 1999. He served district F04, which covers the polder region north of Leeuwarden. When incident management was introduced on the N357 in 2013, his company also secured a contract with Stichting Incident Management Nederland. In recent years, Ketellapper had also been working in Leeuwarden for a number of insurance companies.

Ketellapper was a member of the Leeuwarderadeel local council from 1978 until his death. His son, Marten, has been actively involved in the company for some time.

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