RAI Turnoff Netherlands' most hazardous road section (update February 1, 2016)

Thursday 15 January 2015
The turnoff to the RAI on the northern carriageway of the A10 motorway in Amsterdam was the most hazardous section of road in the Netherlands in 2014. In the first nine months of the year, the National Central Reporting Point (LCM) of Stichting Incident Management Nederland received 45 reports of accidents between hectometre markers 17.0 and 17.9 on this road. The two preceding kilometres, from Spaklerweg through to the viaduct over the Amstel river, were barely outperformed by the frontrunner. During the same period, on this road section, 26 (15.0 - 15.9) and 25 (16.0 - 16.9) accidents were dealt with, respectively. The recovery company responsible for this road section is Bergnet. These figures come as no surprise. It is a busy section of road including a traffic intersection with large numbers of exit and entrance slip roads. Nonetheless, this year did see incident numbers rise, in comparison to previous years.

Europahal, RAI

Just as in previous years, other hazardous sections included the northern carriageway (Noordbaan) of the Gouwe Aquaduct on the A12 motorway, both carriageways of the A20 motorway at the Kleinpolderplein intersection in Rotterdam and, also in Rotterdam, the changeover section of the eastern carriageway (Oostbaan) of the A16 motorway, before the Terbregseplein intersection. Finally there were numerous collisions at the start section of the A1 motorway, where work was carried out throughout the year. The number of accident reports on this section of road was almost four times higher than in previous years.

Most hazardous road sections per carriageway in 20

Ranking Road Hectometre Carriageway Accidents
11016,0 - 16,9Re51
25894,0 - 94,9Re43
31014,0 - 14,9Re41
4231,0 - 31,9Li41
51022,0 - 22,9Li40
61227,0 - 27,9Li40
71623,0 - 23,9Li38
82028,0 - 28,9Re38
91015,0 - 15,9Re37
101621,0 - 21,9Li37

The ranking contained in this report is based on absolute numbers of accidents per road section. No relationship is established between the number of accidents and traffic intensity on the section of road in question. Accidents reported directly to emergency services, assistance centres and the Central Reporting Point for Trucks and not reported to Stichting Incident Management Nederland are not included in these figures. Road sections consisting of multiple carriageways, for example intersections and roads with parallel carriageways, are dealt with in this overview as if they involved a single carriageway. As a consequence, the figures at the locations in question cannot be directly compared with numbers at locations consisting of just one carriageway.

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