Wave of recovery company takeovers on the banks of the Meuse

Wednesday 7 January 2015 (update 30 january 2015)
The new year started with the takeover of nine recovery companies, including seven along the banks of the river Meuse in Limburg and Noord-Brabant. Seven of the newly acquired companies are IM recovery operators, together responsible for recovery work in twelve IM districts. Two of the entrepreneurs who have handed over their company have for years been active as board members in one of the two sector organisations in the recovery sector, namely Marjo Reijs (De Kantsingel) of the Association of Dutch Car Recovery Companies (ABNed) and Jessica Leerentveld of the Association of Recovery and Mobility Specialists (VBM).

The river Meuse at Grubbenvorst

The buyers were already responsible for several other takeovers in 2014. Wolves, for example previously acquired the activities of Roex in Sittard, Broekmans took over Van Cruchten in Roermond, and between September 2013 and October 2014, Van Eijck purchased four different recovery companies in Noord-Brabant. The only new buyer was Van Egeraat Berging en Transport based in Roosendaal. This company was established in 2010 following a management buyout of a branch office of Logicx. At the time of the takeover, Van Egeraat itself had no IM contract, but since the start of the new year has become responsible for recoveries on approximately 55 kilometres of motorway around and above Breda.

The table below provides an overview of the takeovers.

Date Recovery Company Location Buyer
1-12-2014CretierDen BoschVan Eijck
1-1-2015CüppersMaria-Hoop (L)Broekmans
1-1-2015De KantsingelOssVan Eijck
1-1-2015RuttersOosterhoutVan Egeraat
1-1-2015Van WanroyWell (L)Broekmans
1-2-2015Hendriks LottumLottumBroekmans
1-2-2015Rijn & CoAnkeveenBCU

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