IM specialists meet in Amersfoort

Thursday 30 October 2014
Yesterday, more than three hundred recovery operators, police officers, road managers and staff of emergency assistance centres attended the IM 2014 meeting in Amersfoort. The event was organised by the Stichting Incident Management Nederland, and focused on the safe handling of incidents on trunk roads (click here for an extended photo report).

The plenary session was opened by Lex Mentink, chair of Stichting Incident Management Nederland. He thanked the IM recovery operators for their efforts and professionalism in dealing with accidents. He went on to remind all those present that agreements have been reached with the road managers that incidents must always be secured. If a road inspector cannot reach the accident location on time, the IM recovery operator will be instructed to take measures to secure the incident location himself.

The floor was then passed to Roel Salden, National Director Road Traffic Management at Rijkswaterstaat. He drew attention to the tragic accident on the A12 motorway in the night of 23 October, during which one road worker lost his life. He called upon everyone to comply with the safety instructions in dealing with road accidents, under the motto: 'Work safely or do not work at all'.

Roel Salden, National Director Road Traffic Management at Rijkswaterstaat

Roel Salden, National Director Road Traffic Management at Rijkswaterstaat

Other guest speakers included Miriam Barendse, Chief of Police for the Central Netherlands, and Traffic portfolio manager for the National Police Service, and Peter Goedvolk, founder and until recently owner of the oil company Argos. Barendse discussed the role of the police in dealing with road traffic accidents. Goedvolk described the road he had followed that led him from 'Goud', an oil dealership in the Hoeksche Waard region with a staff of just two, to Argos Oil, a trading company in oil products with 1,000 employees and a turnover of € 16 billion.

Stichting Incident Management Nederland would like to thank all those who attended for their presence, and wishes them every success in their future work on the road.

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