Largest recovery operation since 1997

Wednesday 17 September 2014 (update 22 September 2014)
On the A58 motorway close to Heinkenszand in Zeeland, one of the largest recovery operations in Dutch history was undertaken yesterday. Between hectometre markers 153.0 and 160.0, a series of multiple car pile-ups occurred on both lanes, at around 7.45 in the morning. 110 passenger vehicles were so seriously damaged in these collisions that they had to be removed by recovery operators. This is the largest number of passenger vehicles towed away in the framework of a single recovery operation since 1997. In that year, recovery operators were required to tow away 165 vehicles on the A9 motorway. grootste bergingsoperatie ooit bij heinkenszand The recovery company responsible for the huge task was De Moor Autoberging from Goes. In completing the recovery work, De Moor received support from four other recovery operators: Auto Kuzee in Flushing, Automobielbedrijf Kooijman in Vianen, Autoberging Kerstens in Noordhoek (NB) and Van Eijck International Car Rescue in Hulten (NB). In total, more than twenty recovery vehicles were deployed. As well as recovery of the damaged vehicles, they were also responsible for towing away dozens of cars that had been left at the roadside by their drivers. Only one truck was unable to leave the scene of the incident under its own power.

Approximately half of the recovered vehicles were transported to the home base of Kuzee, for examination by the police. The remaining vehicles were brought together on the car park of the Zeelandhallen trade fair site in Goes, prior to further transport to their final destination. An employee of the National Central Reporting Point of Stichting Incident Management Nederland was available on site to register the vehicles, so that the affected insurers could be kept up to date.

The right-hand lane of the A58 motorway was reopened for traffic at 17.00 hours, the left-hand lane remained closed until around midnight. The delay was due to the investigation undertaken by the police at the scene of the multiple pile-ups.

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