Fewer IM reports in 2013

Thursday 27 February 2014
The number of incident reports on trunk roads fell in 2013 by 22%. The National Central Reporting Point (LCM) of Stichting Incident Management Nederland processed 63,747 reports as compared to 81,389 in 2012. The downturn is the consequence of cost savings at Rijkswaterstaat and the reorganisation of the Dutch police.

Rijkspolitie te Porsche

At the end of 2012, Rijkswaterstaat took measures to restrict the costs of incident management. In the course of 2013, these measures led to a sharp downturn in the number of broken-down vehicle movements (-/-27%), wasted callouts (-/-31%) and recoveries of abandoned vehicles (-/- 30%). In 2013, broken-down vehicles were only removed from the road if they represented a risk to other traffic. As a consequence, the number of moved broken-down vehicles fell from 40,409 in 2012 to 29,407 in 2013. The number of wasted callouts also fell, because orders for moving broken-down vehicles in relative terms often turn out to be wasted callouts. On some occasions, broken-down vehicles have already left the hazardous location before the IM recovery company reaches the scene.

IM Reports in 2013

The second cause for the reduced number of reports was the reorganisation of the police force. On 1 January 2013, the National Police Services Agency (KLPD) was disbanded. Road traffic tasks had occupied a central position in the mission of the KLPD. This does not apply to the KLPD's successor, the National Unit. In 2012, the KLPD generated 6,186 reports. From the control room of the National Unit, in 2013, the LCM received only 1,404 reports.

Within the new police organisation, the traffic tasks of the KLPD have been entrusted to the ten regional units. From the regional control rooms in 2013, the LCM did indeed receive more reports than in 2012. The number rose from 23,738 to 25,178. However, this rise was not sufficient to compensate for the huge downturn from the National Unit. Many regional units still have to master their new tasks. The total number of police reports received fell by 11%, as a consequence.

Report Type 2013 2012 Growth
Wasted Callout11.56616.738(31%)
Onbeheerd voertuig1.8952.690(30%)
Trunk road network54.88972.612(24%)
Underlying road network8.8588.7771% 
ANWB and others11.19814.811(24%)

The number of reports on IM roads in the underlying road network rose slightly in 2013. This was the consequence of the introduction of incident management on 500 kilometres of provincial roads in the northwestern provinces. The breakdown of IM reports in 2013 across the various recovery districts appears in the document IM reports per district 2013. This document reveals that the number of IM reports fell by more than 40%, in certain districts.

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