Transport Academy approved as training institute for light vehicle recovery

Tuesday 17 July 2012 (update 26 October 2012)
On 16 July last, Stichting Incident Management Nederland issued approval to the Transport Academy in Son (Noord-Brabant) as a training institute for light vehicle recovery. The Transport Academy provides a training course for the recovery of passenger vehicles. Stichting Incident Management Nederland carried out an audit, the results of which revealed that there are no grounds for objection to approval of the training programme, on the basis of the relevant applicable criteria. The Certificate in Light vehicle recovery from the Transport Academy can therefore from today be used as proof that an employee of a recovery company complies with the training requirements imposed by Stichting Incident Management Nederland.

Four other training institutions for recovery companies were previously approved by Stichting Incident Management Nederland: Van Amerongen Berging (previously Logicx), Opcedo, Stichting Mobiliteit Opleidingen ("STIMO") and SOMA Bedrijfsopleidingen. Following an audit earlier this year, the approval for these companies was extended for an unspecified term.

Recovery companies only interested in obtaining the qualification Certificate Safe Roadside Working Practice can also complete the necessary training at Adviesbureau Kusters. This firm provides no training courses for actual recovery techniques. The courses offered by Kusters in respect of the Guideline on Initial Safety Measures at Incidents ("REVI") are approved by the Examenkamer examining body and the IBKI (Innovam Professional Qualification Institute for the Automotive Industry).

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