Major improvement in safety on A2

Monday 16 April 2012
Camiel Eurlings The number of road traffic accidents on the A2 motorway fell considerably in 2011. This is reflected by the development in the number of road traffic accident reports to the Incident Management Coordination Centre ("LCM") of Stichting Incident Management Nederland. Between hectometre markers 40.0 (just past the Holendrecht junction) and 170.0 (end of the Eindhoven Orbital), the number of reported accidents fell by 17% in just one year. In 2010, 1,281 accidents were reported on this section of road. In 2011, the number had fallen to 1,068. The most marked improvement was achieved on the section of road between Abcoude and Utrecht, where the number of accident reports fell from 229 in 2010 to 132 in 2011, a fall of more than 40%!

Improved road safety on the A2 motorway is the consequence of a major upgrading programme on this road over the past few years. The work started in 2004, when Ir. C.M.P.S. Eurlings was the responsible Minister. New sections of road were opened between December 2009 and October 2011. Not all work has been completed. The road is due to be further streamlined in 2012 with the opening of the tunnel at Leidsche Rijn and the widening of the section between Den Bosch and Eindhoven. Stichting Incident Management Nederland therefore expects the number of accidents on the A2 motorway to fall further in 2012.

Roads with most accidents in 2011



A1010,0 - 30,015,2
A1615,7 - 30,013,8
A2020,0 - 40,013,8
A40,1 - 20,09,4
A13,6 - 20,09,3
A430,0 - 50,09,2
A133,0 - 19,87,8
A1540,0 - 60,07,2
A930,0 - 50,07,0
A260,0 - 80,06,8

This analysis is based on 20-km road sections bounded by
two 10-km sections, except in those cases at the start and
end of roads, where this is not possible.

On most other motorways, the number of accidents in 2011 was at a level close to the figures for 2010. There were two exceptions. On the A12 motorway, the LCM received far less accident reports for the road section between hectometre markers 40.0 (Nieuwerbrug) and 60.0 (Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal). Here, too, a road widening project was completed in 2011. A considerable rise in accident numbers was noted on the A9 and A10 motorways. As a result, the A10 took the lead in the list of the country's most dangerous roads from the A20, above Rotterdam.

Not all motorway accidents are reported to Stichting Incident Management Nederland. Errors can also occur in identifying the location at which incidents take place. As a result, the reported details may to a limited degree deviate from the actual situation on the road.

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