Number of IM reports once again rises in 2011 by more than 10%

Thursday 29 March 2012 (update 30 March 2012)
In 2011, the number of incident reports on IM roads rose for the fifth successive year by more than 10%. The LCM dealt with 75,736 IM reports, a rise of 12% as compared to 2010. The rise was caused by a rapid increase in the number of breakdown movements: from 26,766 in 2010 to 34,846 (+ 30%) in 2011. As a result the share of breakdown movements in the total number of IM reports rose from 40% to 46%. The number of wasted callouts also rose (+ 8%), while the number of reported accidents fell slightly (-/- 4%).

im numbers 2011

The number of IM reports on the underlying road network rose sharply (+ 38%). This was partially due to the introduction of incident management in Limburg and the expansion of the IM network in the Province of Noord-Holland. The rise was however further amplified by a doubling (+ 96%) in the number of breakdown movements on these roads. The growth in the number of IM reports on the trunk road network was more moderate (+ 10%), but at 6,260 reports represented the lion's share of the growth.

Report type 2011 2010 Growth
Breakdown movement34.84626.76630% 
Wasted callout16.14214.9598% 
Unattended vehicle2.9773.113(4%)
Trunk road network68.13561.87510% 
Underlying road network7.5515.45938% 
Dept of Transport, Public Works and Water Management35.44027.55129% 
ANWB and other9.9626.89944% 

The importance of the police as a source of IM reports fell further. The number of reports from police control rooms fell from 32,939 in 2010 to 30,334 in 2011 (-/- 8%). As a consequence, the share of police reports in the total number of reports fell from 49% in 2010 to 40% in 2011. This downturn was not only due to the fact that the police above all report accidents while the proportion of accidents in the total number of IM reports fell; the police was also responsible for a smaller share of accident reports. Whereas in 2010, 79% of all accidents on IM roads was still reported by the police, in 2011 the share had fallen to 74%.

The breakdown of IM reports in 2011 across the various recovery districts is shown in the enclosed table.

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