Awarding of standby-agreements definitive

Friday 10 June 2011
Stichting Incident Management Nederland has entered into agreements with seven recovery companies in the framework of the Tender procedure for Standby recovery companies 2011 - 2012. On 24 May 2011, the companies in question came out as winners for the eight standby locations to be awarded. The awarding proposals announced on that date have not been opposed by other tendering parties. As a result, the awarding of the eight standby agreements has been made definitive. A list of the awarding decisions taken appears in the table below.

S1BodegravenBergingscentrale H. van der Vliet
S2Amsterdam OostBergnet
S3LexmondAutomobielbedrijf Kooijman Vianen
S4WilpG.J. Neuteboom's Takel- en Bergingsbedrijf
S5HeterenVan Amerongen Berging
S6Amsterdam NoordSleep- en Takeldienst Vrolijk
S7AmersfoortSmink Transport
S8VeenendaalVan Amerongen Berging

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