Stichting Incident Management Nederland thanks IM recovery companies

Thursday 26 May 2011
On 19 May, during a celebration event in Amersfoort, Stichting Incident Management Nederland thanked the Dutch IM recovery companies for their efforts and professionalism. From around three thirty in the afternoon, more than two hundred visitors arrived for the IM 2011 event at the Rijtuigenloods in Amersfoort. Among the visitors were representatives of practically all 93 recovery companies currently responsible for keeping the motorways and other trunk roads in the Netherlands clear. The invited guests included representatives of Rijkswaterstaat, the Police and the Dutch emergency assistance centres.

Lex Mentink, chairman of Stichting Incident Management Nederland, thanked the recovery companies for their excellent performance delivered over the recent period. The floor was then passed to Robert Eenhoorn, technical director of the Netherlands Baseball Association. He described what is necessary to arrive at topflight performance, drawing from his own experience as an elite sportsman and coach.

Eeltje Hoekstra, Project manager Incident Management at Rijkswaterstaat, then placed the spotlight on five recovery companies that have delivered particularly excellent performance: Quartel, Van Egeraat, Bergingsdienst, Vreugdenhil and Barendregt. All five received a special certificate and a bouquet of flowers. Finally, Michel de Korte, IM coordinator of Stichting Incident Management Nederland, invited everyone present to sit down for the celebration dinner. A photographic impression of the afternoon is available in the photo album.

Stichting Incident Management Nederland was supported in organising this event by JEZ.

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