Most IM recovery companies meet quality requirements

Friday 1 October 2010
Quality inspections were carried out over the past few months at all recovery companies operating on the motorway system. In total, 124 inspections were carried out. At the incident location, checks determined whether the recovery operator had arrived with equipment meeting the quality requirements of Stichting Incident Management Nederland. Checks were also carried out to determine whether the deployed drivers were in possession of the necessary training qualifications in terms of professional skills and road safety. The inspections were carried out by ViaNorm, on behalf of Stichting Incident Management Nederland.

In 90% of inspections, no serious non-conformities were identified. During nine inspections, inspectors found a vehicle without the required documents or a driver without the required training qualifications. In three cases, neither vehicle nor driver complied with the requirements imposed. Additional inspections will be carried out at the affected companies, over the coming months.

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