A10 and A20 most dangerous roads in the Netherlands

Thursday 23 September 2010
During the second half of 2009, the A10 and A20 motorways were the accident hotspots per kilometre in the Netherlands. On the two carriageways of the A20, a total of 298 accidents were reported between hectometre markers 20.1 (Vlaardingen-West) and 40.0 (Capelle-Schollevaar). This equates to an average of 7.5 reports per kilometre per carriageway, over a period of six months. The national average during the same period was 2.0 reports per kilometre per carriageway. On the A10 Amsterdam orbital, between hectometre marker 10.1 (Zeeburgertunnel) and 30.0 (Coentunnel) 267 accidents were reported, representing an average of 6.7 per kilometre, per lane. A motorway with few accidents in the second half of 2009 was the western section of the A7, across the Afsluitdijk. On this road section, between hectometre marker 60.1 (halfway between Den Oever and Wieringerwerf) and 80.0 (west of Breezanddijk), IM recovery companies were called out over the six-month period to deal with just seven accidents: an average of 0.2 incidents per kilometre per carriageway.

Most dangerous roads in second six months of 2009

RoadfromtoAccidents/km carriageway
A2020,1- 40,07,5
A1010,1- 30,06,7
A40,1- 20,05,4
A250,1- 70,05,1
A1620,1- 40,04,9
A2100,1- 120,04,7
A10,1- 20,04,6
A430,1- 50,04,5

The most dangerous spot locations on the Dutch motorways were above all in the Rotterdam region. The table below shows the one kilometre sections of road, in which on one carriageway, the largest number of accidents had to be dealt with during the second six months of 2009. Five of these road sections were located shortly before or after the major motorway intersections on the Rotterdam orbital, and one was located on the Vaanplein, namely a feed-in lane on the left-hand side of the road. Two of the ten most dangerous locations in the country were immediately adjacent to one another, on the left-hand carriageway of the A2 motorway. Here, in the period examined, work was being carried out on the road, forcing traffic to be diverted via a number of relatively sharp bends, in narrow lanes.

Most dangerous road sections per lane in the second six months of 2009

A2910,1- 11,0 L38
A2029,1- 30,0 R28
A254,1- 55,0 L25
A2028,1- 29,0 R24
A2042,1- 43,0 R23
A255,1- 56,0 L21
A2034,1- 35,0 L21
A14,1- 5,0 L19
A1617,1- 18,0 L19
A2777,1- 78,0 R19

The rankings appearing in this report are based on absolute numbers of accidents per road section. No relationship is made between the number of accidents and the traffic intensity on the road section in question. The figures are derived from the registration by Stichting Incident Management Nederland of the reports of incidents dealt with by IMN, whereby no trucks were involved. The figures relate exclusively to reports resulting in a recovery operation for one or more vehicles. Road sections made up of multiple carriageways such as motorway intersections and roads with parallel carriageways are listed in the overview as if they had been a single carriageway. However, the figures at the locations in question cannot be directly compared with the figures at locations where there is indeed just one carriageway.

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