Stichting Incident Management Nederland to inspect all IM recovery companies

Wednesday 23 June 2010
Over the next few months, Stichting Incident Management Nederland will be carrying out inspections throughout the country, at recovery companies. The LCM will call out recovery companies to a roadside location where they will however not arrive at an incident but instead will find an observer appointed by Stichting Incident Management Nederland. The observer will check whether the recovery vehicle deployed complies with the quality requirements imposed by Stichting Incident Management Nederland. He will also verify whether the driver has received the necessary recovery training, is in possession of a valid driving licence, and is wearing the specified safety clothing.

All IM recovery companies will be inspected on at least one occasion. Multiple inspections will be carried out at certain companies. The inspection will not be announced in advance. The orders from the LCM will appear to be identical to standard IM reports. The inspections will be carried out by employees of ViaNorm who will offer identification, on request. During the inspection, they will present the recovery operator with a letter from Stichting Incident Management Nederland, informing him that the costs for the order can be claimed from the LCM, as a wasted callout. All IM recovery companies are requested to cooperate with the inspections.

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