Again more IM reports in 2009

Thursday 24 December 2009 (update 7 April 2010)
In 2009, the number of IM reports rose by 11% as compared to 2008. In 2009, the LCM dealt with 57,267 reports on IM roads. In 2008, the count reached 51,868. Three-quarters of the rise was due to an increase in the number of breakdown tows.

In 2009, the number of breakdown tows almost matched the number of reports resulting in a recovery. The numbers of wasted callouts and IM reports on the underlying road network also saw slight rises. Almost 10% of all IM reports now relates to incidents on the underlying road network. The rise in 2009 matches a trend that has been observed over the past few years. In 2008, the number of IM reports rose by more than 14% as compared to 2007. The figure below shows the development of the various types of IM report over the past few years.

As usual, the majority of incidents occurred in the fourth quarter of the year. With 6,335 reports, December was the busiest month in 2009. November and October followed with 5,826 and 5,289 reports, respectively. The Police remains the most important source of reports. The various police control rooms were responsible in 2009 for 57% of all IM reports. The majority of other reports (33%) were passed on by Rijkswaterstaat. Of the remainder, the majority came via the ANWB car owners club, which in 2009 reported almost 5,000 breakdowns as incidents.

IM meldingen in 2009

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