Dekker bids farewell to VerzekeraarsHulpDienst

Thursday 19 November 2009
For more than 30 years, Harry Dekker was the face and the voice of the Incident Management Coordination Centre (LCM). In the nineteen eighties, he was one of the originators of the idea of the system that offers police and road managers a simple solution for reporting vehicle incidents. He than played a role in drawing up procedures for the emergency assistance centre, laying down the district boundaries for recovery companies, dealing with complaints and, as the need arose, taking receipt of incident reports.

Dekker neemt afscheid van VerzekeraarsHulpDienst

Dekker (61) over the years developed into a trusted representative for many recovery operators and other users of the LCM. He owed this role to a remarkable combination of knowledge of the business and personal integrity. Harry Dekker today retired from his position with the VHD. Stichting Incident Management Nederland will miss him.

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