Arrival times stagnate in second quarter of 2009

Monday 7 September 2009
In the second quarter of 2009, excellent arrival times were only achieved in 21 districts. On a national scale, a slight worsening as compared with previous quarters occurred. Remarkably, the "tried and tested" newcomer Schoenmaker in Avenhorn immediately found itself among the frontrunners. Once again, as usual, the Brabant-based recovery companies were well represented in the list of "rapid response units". Stichting Incident Management Nederland would like to thank these companies for their efforts.

GL235Bergingsbedrijf W. Stouwdam
GL236Bergingsbedrijf W. Stouwdam
GL239Bergingsbedrijf W. Stouwdam
GL251Houterman Autosleepdienst
GL254ASG Lichtenvoorde
L353De Driesprong
L363Biesebos Berging
NB304Accident Control
NB327Autobedrijf Gebr. Van Lierop
NB329Autosleepbedrijf Sprankenis
NB337Autosleepbedrijf Sprankenis
NH123Automobielbedrijf Schoenmaker en Zonen
O82Wolves Autoberging
O84Vorgers Autoberging
O85Vorgers Autoberging
U211Automobielbedrijf "De Zwaan"
ZH172Auto en Motoren Vermaat
ZH175Autobedrijf De Heer
ZH177Autoschade Van Wijngaarden
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