As yet no new IM roads

30 March 2009
Stichting Incident Management Nederland and the VBS (Association of Recovery Specialists) have been consulting with Rijkswaterstaat and a representative of the provinces on the introduction of incident management on the underlying road network. Two important agreements were reached in these discussions.

In consultation with Stichting Incident Management Nederland and VBS, Central Government and the provinces will be compiling a national map determining on which roads in the underlying road network IM could be introduced. Provinces and municipalities in the future wishing to introduce incident management will be required to comply with this map in identifying the affected sections of the road network. IM introduction measures already taken on the underlying road network will also be assessed according to this map. .

It was also agreed between the parties that no changes will be made to the existing IM network between 1 April 2009 and 1 October 2010. This means that the National District Layout 2010 - 2013 due to be published on Wednesday 1 April by Stichting Incident Management Nederland will at least remain valid until 1 October 2010.

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