Vehicle Registration Arrival Time system

Tuesday 7 October 2008
For the correct functioning of the Arrival Times System Incident Management (AIM), it is essential that IM recovery companies keep Stichting Incident Management Nederland up to date on the composition of their fleet of certified vehicles. If they fail to do so, new vehicles or vehicles with new Momos cannot be monitored. For recovery tasks carried out with vehicles not known to Stichting Incident Management Nederland, in accordance with article 5.3.7 of the Recovery agreement, an arrival time of 31 minutes is automatically registered.

We would therefore urge all recovery companies to immediately notify the Incident Management Coordination Centre(LCM) of Stichting Incident Management Nederland of any changes to the composition of their fleet of certified vehicles. Notification should take the form of submission of a copy of a new inspection certificate listing all registration numbers of the vehicles in question. It is not enough to submit the underlying inspection reports. Changes can only be processed on the basis of a new certificate. The SIM card number of all affected Momos should also be notified to the LCM. In this connection, we would refer you to the earlier letter on this subject.

AAll correspondence on this subject should be addressed to Pieter Augustijn or Harry Dekker of the VHD , fax number: 0570 - 783 059.

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