More than 45,000 IM car recoveries in 2007

Wednesday 30 June 2008 (Update)
In 2007, more than 45,600 recovery orders were issued by Stichting Incident Management Nederland in the framework of incident management. This total is slightly higher than the previously published figure. The figure represents a rise of more than 35% as compared to the total in 2005, when more than 33,000 IM orders were issued.

The rise is above all due to the increase in the number of breakdown tows. These are recovery orders aimed at removing broken-down vehicles from the motorway (or other IM road) as quickly as possible, and transporting them to a safe waiting location or workshop, elsewhere. The growth in the number of IM orders was also caused by the introduction of incident management on sections of the underlying road network. The rise in the number of orders was experienced in practically all operating areas (see attachment).

The specified figures are derived from the emergency assistance centre system of the LCM, and are an approximation of the precise numbers of recovery orders. The specified numbers only relate to car recoveries dealt with by the LCM, and do not include car recoveries passed on to IM recovery companies on the basis of calls made by the road users and emergency assistance centres, themselves. In assessing the figures per district, it is vital to take into account the fact that not all the district boundaries for the period 2007 - 2010 are identical to those from the previous period. No rights may be derived from the figures presented.

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