Arrival times clearly improved in first quarter of 2008

Tuesday 29 April 2008
Recovery companies worked faster in the first quarter of 2008 than in the previous quarters. A clear fall was observed in the average arrival times for recoveries carried out on motorways and other roads subject to incident management (IM).

The number of districts in which remarkably good performances were achieved was also clearly higher than in the past. In 45 districts, remarkably good results were achieved. This was previously the case in 20 districts (third quarter 2007) and 28 districts (fourth quarter 2007). A major improvement also occurred in the level of registration of recovery activities. In most districts, an arrival time was recorded for more than 90% of recovery operations. This means that practically every IM recovery company carried out its work using equipment that meets the requirements imposed.

Districts with remarkably good results

F06C.L. Int. Berging, Transport en Chauffeursverhuur
F21Garage-, Takel-, en Bergingsbedrijf G. Thomas V.O.F.
G34Autoberging Dallinga (A.A.C.)
GL235Kraanbedrijf W. Stouwdam
GL236Kraanbedrijf W. Stouwdam
GL239Kraanbedrijf W. Stouwdam
GL251Autobedrijf Huub Gerritsen B.V
L353De Driesprong
L357Autohulpdienst Broekmans B.V.
L359Biesebos Berging B.V.
L362Takel-, Bergings- en Transportbedrijf Van Cruchten B.V.
L363Biesebos Berging B.V.
L369Logicx Maastricht
NB296Autobedrijf Faasen V.O.F.
NB297Logicx Roosendaal
NB299Logicx Roosendaal
NB329Autosleepbedrijf Sprankenis V.O.F.
NB335Autosleepbedrijf Sprankenis V.O.F.
NB337Autosleepbedrijf Sprankenis V.O.F.
NH113Haulo Sint Maarten B.V.
NH116Haulo Sint Maarten B.V.
NH121Logicx Zwaag
NH125Auto- en Bergingsbedrijf Van den Boogaard B.V.
NH134Bergnet BV
O72Hooikammer Autoberging
O82Wolves Autoberging B.V.
O84Vorgers Autoberging B.V.
O85Vorgers Autoberging B.V.
O87Vorgers Autoberging B.V.
Z285Auto Kuzee C.V.
ZH155Takel-, Bergings- en Autotransportbedrijf Modern B.V.
ZH156Bergingscentrale Vogelaar B.V.
ZH161Bergingscentrale Vogelaar B.V.
ZH163aTakel-, Berging- en Transportbedrijf A. Barendregt B.V.
ZH166Takel-, Berging- en Transportbedrijf A. Barendregt B.V.
ZH167Takel-, Berging- en Transportbedrijf A. Barendregt B.V.
ZH168Takel-, Berging- en Transportbedrijf A. Barendregt B.V.
ZH171't Hart v.d. Krimpenerwaard B.V.
ZH173Takel-, Berging- en Transportbedrijf A. Barendregt B.V.
ZH175Autobedrijf De Heer
ZH177Autoschade Van Wijngaarden B.V.
ZH181Autobedrijf De Heer

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