Police tows regulations

Wednesday 14 November 2007
Earlier this year, Stichting Incident Management Nederland consulted with the Dutch Police Institute on the role of the Police in reporting incidents and the issuing of orders for recovery work. These consultations have led to a decision by the Board of Chief Commissioners on this subject. This decision was notified to the various police forces by the Board, in a letter dated 26 April last.

This letter outlines those cases in which the Police itself decides which recovery company is called in, and the cases in which the Police is responsible for paying the costs. In all other cases, incidents are reported to the LCM by the police.

It is then the task of the LCM to decide on the identity of the contract-awarding party to be selected for the incident in question. The calling in of the recovery company is then undertaken on the basis of the details held by the LCM about recovery companies that cooperate with the various contract-awarding parties. For further information, we refer you to the content of the letter.

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