No performance report for second quarter 2007

Friday 21 July 2007
The Arrival Times System Incident Management (AIM) failed to supply sufficient figures in the first quarter of the contract period 2007 - 2010 to arrive at a well-founded evaluation of the contracted recovery companies. For that reason, on the basis of article 5.3.8 of the Recovery agreement, Stichting Incident Management Nederland has decided to not record any scores for the first quarter of the contract period for arrival times achieved by its contracted recovery companies.

In particular in the start-up period following commissioning, the AIM system required adjustment in a number of respects in order to deliver sound performance. Stichting Incident Management Nederland has worked hard with the supplier of the system (the company Geodan) and manager (the VerzekeraarsHulpDienst) to correct these shortcomings.

It also emerged in the quarter just ended that some of the GPS equipment supplied to the recovery companies was functioning poorly. We duly contacted the supplier of the equipment, the company EAL. It has been agreed with EAL that all unsound devices will be replaced over the next six weeks, at EAL's expense. We would also point out (once these start-up problems have been solved) that it is the responsibility of the recovery companies themselves to ensure that any equipment fitted in the vehicle functions correctly.

The tests carried out by the supplier and Stichting Incident Management Nederland have shown that the data supplied by the AIM system is highly accurate. During the first quarter, however, insufficient data was available to arrive at a well-founded assessment of the performance of the recovery companies.

Against the background of the measures taken, Stichting Incident Management Nederland is confident that a performance assessment will be possible during the second operational quarter (July - September 2007). If this assessment reveals that individual companies have failed to comply with the performance requirements, Stichting Incident Management Nederland will take measures against the companies in question, all in accordance with the Recovery agreement.

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