Definitive awards in all districts

Thursday 1 February 2007 (update 7 March 2007)
The Appeals Committee of Stichting Incident Management Nederland has passed judgements in all appeals submitted in the framework of the tender procedure 2007 - 2010. On the basis of these judgements, definitive awarding decisions have been taken by Stichting Incident Management Nederland in all districts where no definitive decision had been taken as a consequence of the appeal process. An overview of the definitive awarding decisions taken appears in the table below (no rights may be derived from the table). Over the coming period, Stichting Incident Management Nederland will ensure that contracts are sent for all districts in which a definitive decision has been taken.

Stichting Incident Management Nederland would like to ask those companies that have now obtained certainty on the awarding of one or more districts to undertake to install as quickly as possible the GPS equipment (Momo) required for implementation of the contract. In that connection, please contact EAL (055 - 539 49 00, ask for Jimco Tuinenga or Dianne Schubert). The GPRS subscription from KPN can be requested via the EAL order form.

Possibly unnecessarily, Stichting Incident Management Nederland would once again inform all parties involved of the fact that the compensation scheme from Rijkswaterstaat for covering the costs of purchase and installation of Momos only applies to vehicles of which the registration was already listed on the certificate submitted with the bid for participation in the tender procedure.

It is also important to note that the agreement specifies that recovery operations may only be carried out by vehicles complying with all requirements imposed by Stichting Incident Management Nederland. This means that you must keep us informed of any changes to your certified vehicle fleet. This is only possible by submitting a copy of an altered certificate on which the changed list of vehicle registrations of certified vehicles appears. It goes without saying that approval of these vehicles is only possible if they are equipped with a correctly functioning Momo. Momos in vehicles added at a later stage to the vehicle fleet, as already stated, must be purchased and installed for your own account.

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