Departure of Peter Eijkhout

Monday 18 December 2006
On 1 December last, Peter Eijkhout stepped down as member of the Board of Stichting Incident Management Nederland. As director of the Schade Alarm Service (SAS), Peter Eijkhout was involved in the establishment of the Stichting in 1998. In subsequent years, he was first vice chairman (1998 - 2002) and subsequently chairman of the Stichting (2003 - 2004). He then served as (ordinary) member of the Board. In all of these positions, he has made major contributions to the work of Stichting Incident Management Nederland. Peter Eijkhout's position on the board will be taken over by Anne-Miek Broods.

Since Marcel van der Meulen also intends to step down from his Board position on 1 January 2007, to be replaced by Guido Horst, from that date onwards, the Board will be comprised as follows:

Lex P. Mentink, chair Willem A. Snijders, vice-chair Anne-Miek M. Broods, Board member Hilde J.M. Dekempeneer, Board member Guido F. Horst, Board member Jan T. van der Kleij, Board member Marinus C. Schroevers, Board member Ivo W. Wildenberg, secretary.

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