Alterations to IM road network in Noord-Holland and Zeeland

New IM roads in Noord-Holland

Monday 1 May 2006
As from 1 April last, incident management was introduced by the Province of Noord-Holland on the following roads:

N 20349,752,5NH126
N 20352,555,1NH124
N 24230,443,4NH116
N 2440,00,8NH116
N 2440,83,7NH122
N 2443,78,6NH124
N 24519,923,2NH116
N 24625,525,61NH116
N 24630,9136,3NH126
N 24636,340,6NH124
N 5080,02,22NH116
N 50810,0210,1NH116

1 = numbers jump > 25,6 = 30,9
2 = numbers jump > 2,2 = 10,0

The roads have been allocated by Stichting Incident Management Nederland to existing IM districts NH 116, NH 122, NH 124 and NH 126 and recovery work will be undertaken by the recovery companies previously selected in these districts by Stichting Incident Management Nederland.

Expansion of the road network in these districts also applies to the tender procedure for Stichting Incident Management Nederland for 2007 - 2010. Further information about the way in which road sections have been allocated to districts appears in the document National District Layout as included in the tender documents.

Withdrawal of IM roads in Zeeland

As from 1 January 2007, a number of IM roads will be withdrawn in Zeeland. This change is a consequence of the fact that Rijkswaterstaat has decided to transfer management of a number of roads to the Province of Zeeland. For the time being, the Province has decided to not carry out incident management on these roads. The following roads are affected:

N 58171,7172,9Z285
N 58175,3199,4Z288
N 605,030,0Z290
N 6125,935,0Z289
N 6135,040,6Z290
N 25430,031,2Z285

This withdrawal of IM roads also applies to the district layout applicable for the national tender procedure of Stichting Incident Management Nederland for 2007 - 2010. The document National District Layout in which the layout is recorded has been duly adjusted.

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